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Bay Area Future Salon: Trimtabs for Systemic Change

May 12, 2010

Trimtabs for Systemic Change. Bay Area Future Salon, Wednesday May 26th. Please RSVP

BAFS leader Mark Finnern offered me, Miguel F. Aznar, a chance to host the Future Salon because I met someone (speaking at the May 1 BIL conference @ UCSC) whose ideas call for a Future Salon.  Join us Wednesday, May 26, to listen and share.  Dino Karabeg, professor of Informatics at the University of Oslo, describes his presentation this way:

“When we shift focus from symptoms of systemic dysfunction to systemic change, an uncommonly rich and inspiring action space becomes available. ‘Trimtabs for systemic change’ are acts that are small enough to be feasible, which can add up to make our civilization change course and guide us along a new and different direction of progress.

In this talk I will present nine prototype trimtabs in key areas including corporate business, informing, scientific research, education, healthcare, and design. Those examples have been developed at the  University of Oslo with external collaborators during the past fifteen years and implemented in practice in varying degrees. Part of the presentation will focus on a strategy for worldview and value change. This thirty-minute lecture will set a stage for further development of these ideas through dialogue.”

We catch him the evening before he returns to Oslo, so don’t miss this salon.

Dino Karabeg has been at the University of Oslo since 1992, where he is a professor in the Institute of Informatics.  See more information: Invitation to Self-Organizing Collective Mind workshop, Knowledge Federation Elevator Pitches, blog  Holoscope for the Buckminster Fuller Challenge, blog Trimtabs for systemic change, and introduction to book manuscript.

Bay Area Future Salons have the following structure: 6-7pm is networking with light refreshments proudly sponsored by SAP; 7-9+pm is the presentation followed by questions and discussion. Please RSVP

SAP Labs North America, Building D, COIL (Co-Innovation Lab). SAP is located at 3410 Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304[map]. Free and open to the public. Please spread the word and invite others, but be sure to RSVP so we know how many people to expect.

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